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GBLS GDR15 - An honest review and comparisons



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GBLS GDR15 - An honest review and comparisons

Feel free to ask me anything.

My review here:

No, it doesn't replace your beloved AEGs.

It's just a more realistic version of PTW with the amazing potential of a GBB-like recoil (with the recoil mods in my YouTube channel).

I'd choose my GDR15 over a PTW, but would I choose my GDR15 over an AEG?

It depends.

AEGs nowadays are pure BB blasters designed to "spray" tons of BBs on your opponents with just one trigger pull. Nothing can beat an AEG in that aspect, but if you are looking for realism and hate to carry 6 brick-like gas mags running ups and downs, you might want to take a look at GDR15 for:

1. NO cool-downs
2. Low-maintenance
3. Super light-weight mags
4. GBB-like recoil can be achieved (watch this before you call me BS:

Yes, it is fieldable and fun. Anyone says it doesn't because of the bad reviews from the youtuber Brainexploder's, please check his latest updates of this gun.

The accuracy is very good and I have a video to prove in my channel (50m test)

You can also check BADABING's reviews on YouTube, he has done a detailed review months ago, and he just did a comparison video last week (GDR15 vs. GHK), very action-packed and worth watching!

The only con:

Well, if you compare it to an ordinary AEG, yes, it is insanely expensive.

When you compare it to a PTW? They have very comparable pricing actually.

GDR15 also becomes less expensive when you compare it to a fully modded TM NGRS with the specter/Titan mosfet and all Laylax internals installed.

Finally, check how sexy it is in motion:

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