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im new to airsoft, and i have a few questions about my evo 3 s1 i just bought


Newbie Tank

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Old August 2nd, 2018, 00:07   #1
Join Date: Aug 2018
im new to airsoft, and i have a few questions about my evo 3 s1 i just bought

so like the title says, i just got into airsoft (actually only played one day) but i fell for it hard, ive looked at it many times before but didnt have an in until recently.

so after loaning a couple of guns, i decided i needed to buy one for my next game, and after a ton of research and testing with the rifles i used, i went with something a little shorter, the asg cz scorpion evo 3 a-1.

i must have looked at 30 videos on the gun and quite a few strip downs of it and even the mag for it just to learn as much as possible before i get my hands on it, but i have a few questions that i couldnt quite find online, so hopefully someone here can help with that.

first thing, the mag
75 round cap seems ok to me, but i dont like spray and praying, in games or on the field ( i know... i only have one day under my belt... what do i know...)
so i think having 2 of these would be fine for the shorter games, but in case thats not enough i dont really want to be carrying a bunch of mags if i go to a larger field with longer games.
so what im tryign to get to here is, are there larger capacity mags for the evo 3, are they well made, do they have the stop firing function like the 75 ones, and is there a drum mag (ive seen some online but they were custom 3d printed ones)

ok second thing, what kind of bb's should i be using, most review videos test with .20, but ive seen some sites saying that the .28 were better suited for the evo 3 (or guns with motors as powerful as the evo 3)
the .20 seem to do the job for acc and range, but reading forums say that using heavier bb's will reduce drag/wind, so having some feed back on that would be nice.

and lastly, give me all and i mean all of your tips, tricks, pros, cons, whatever about the evo 3, because i love knowing everything i can about my new toy so i can keep it in tip top form and not seem like such a noob on the field :P

hope to hear from you guys, btw my names chris
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Old August 2nd, 2018, 03:21   #2
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good pick. and congrats. =)

i don't have one myself but i've gamed one a few times.

you won't be disappointed as it is a fairly well rounded gun.

i'd suggest at least 3 mags probably upwards of 5. those are 75 round mags. it's not about spraying and praying. sometimes you just need to lay down some cover for a team mate.

also, i would highly recommend to NOT open the gear box unless you know what you are doing. it has a lot of electronics inside that you could readily f up.

probably i would suggest a tighter bore barrel and that's about it. maybe a silencer if you wanna be sneaky. that thing is deadly silent for what it is.

will easily shoot .25 .. you may want to try .28. probably not .32.

there is a hi cap mag that is not 3d printed but it will not have the end of mag stop function.

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Old August 2nd, 2018, 05:56   #3
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Top tip: its a great gun, even stock. Don't even think to upgade it for now. The stock barrel is plenty good, if you ever upgrade it its the last part you are going to want to change.

Now that this is out of the way. I've seen people use 0.36g BBs out of the box. Try a few weights and see what works best for you. 0.28g are cheaper and good enough, but with good quality 0.30g or moee you'll get a bit more accuracy and range.
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Old August 2nd, 2018, 13:22   #4
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thanks for replying!

ya ive seen a few videos of them doing a strip down, and getting into the gear box, ill wait until i need into it before i go messing around, and do more research before hand.

i dont plan on upgrading right away, other then maybe adding a red dot and a protector, but other then a tighter bore barrel (which i assume will help with accuracy)
what should i be thinking of getting and why?

ya i saw that hi cap mag as well, i dont like the idea of losing the function to stop when empty, does dry firing wear out a gun faster?

@ drakker, when using the .36 or higher does it drain your battery faster or is it the same pull for each bb no matter the weight? also is there any draw backs for using heavy bb's other then cost?
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Old August 2nd, 2018, 13:50   #5
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I recently sold my Scorpion EVO, but it was an absolute blast, so I'll pass along my (subjective) experience with it.

First of all, that thing is warrantied for a year, and if you use it as much as I did, there's a decent chance it saves your ass. One of the gears in mine stripped teeth, the ETU did its job and locked the gun out until I got it fixed. Just paid the shipping back, parts and labour were free. I hope you never have an issue with it, but any gun - especially stock - is going to break eventually. One thing about the warranty though: using non-ASG springs voids it, so be careful about what you use in the quick-change spring system.

I used a T1-style red dot on it with a killflash. Looks great and I like it much more than a Lexan sight protector. I found an AFG to be very comfortable as well. If you play really claustrophobic CQB like I do, consider running it with the stock detached. Folding the stock gives you a wider grip if you like to grip around the magwell, which is generally best in ultra-close quarters. Very ergonomic.

I wouldn't personally buy a tight bore barrel unless you're getting something high-end (e.g. PDI or Prometheus with an r-hop). The barrel that comes stock in the Scorpion is probably at least as good as half of the 'upgrade' barrels out there.

As far as mags, for close-up indoor games I used a loadout of 4 magazines (which was usually more than I needed), and for anything else I carried 7. Didn't bother with anything but the mid-caps. If you're looking for solid retention pouches that don't cost an absolute arm and a leg/custom job, I used the Tasmanian Tiger Large Pistol mag pouches ($20 each) and they worked awesome. They'll be tight and awkward at first but you'll get used to inserting mags quickly, and they come out not problem. Recommend coming in sort of at a diagonal when indexing mags into them. You'll be doing it one-handed in a game or two.

The drain on your batteries isn't affected by your BB weight. Personally I liked .32's in mine, your mileage may vary.
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Old August 2nd, 2018, 15:54   #6
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If you want to carry more mags get a vest/plate carrier/mag pouches.

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Old August 3rd, 2018, 01:44   #7
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Amount of midcap mags you want will also depend on your playstyle.

I have a friend who uses a tm p90 and uses mid caps with those he gets 68 rounds per a mag. He carries 4+1 mags and he finds this more then enough. Some games he'll shoot 2-3 mags only and some games he'll be down to his sidearm. He's a more of a conservative shooter and when we play together he's the man that flanks on our team.

I on the otherhand am a more aggressive player who suppresses other players while the rest of my team gets better angles. I use regular m4 mags (meaning I get anywhere from 100-140 rounds in my mags) and I often use 3-6 mags (basically twice the amount my friend uses) in the same game. I carry 6+1 with me. Mind you this is me using semi 99% of the time too but like kinesis said sometimes you simply need to shoot to cover and suppress.

Play more and try to figure out you're preferred play style. It really comes down to how often you shoot, how often you suppress and if you have friends/teammates how they play as well. But like all things take everything with a grain of salt and see what works for you. I'd say though a good start would be 4-5 mags in total.
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Old August 3rd, 2018, 13:49   #8
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ok cool, good info!

thanks again for the replys, im going to have fun testing everything to see where i stand.
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Old August 3rd, 2018, 18:00   #9
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Plan to carry at least 6 mags at some point. 75 rounds per mag is fine.
At some point you'll figure out that a single accurately placed BB can do the work of 50 randomly sprayed BBs.

Give this a read through, it'll explain a lot:
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