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Building my first Hi Capa...oh boy


Upgrades & Modifications

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Old October 8th, 2018, 00:59   #1
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Building my first Hi Capa...oh boy

Building my First Hi Capa

I come from a background of working on TM G17 builds, and LM4ís. I would have been content to continue building in the Glock series, but Elite Force has killed off the future of building TM Glocks. With TM G17ís (and other G-series models) becoming harder to find, Iím switching over to a platform that has a brighter future for aftermarket upgrades, and easy-to-find replacement components.

Iíve spent the last few days diving deep into the world of Hi Capa builds, trying my best to understand build themes, build styles, learning the pistol inside and out, as well as scratching the surface on different brand qualities.

It seems like thereís a good amount of transferable skills from building glocks to building hi capaís, so thatís a bonus.

Iíve read several FAQís, most helpful being ILLusionís posted in the sticky section above. Iíve also spent an unhealthy amount of time watching KnucklesGSM, Airsoft After Hours, and LaZouche on YouTube. After what Iíve been able to absorb, Iím still left with several questions. Hopefully there are folks here who can help.

Hereís an idea of my end goal:
- A tactical pistol that can be used indoors and outdoors (~350fps)
- Full, standard slide (porting and relief cuts are always welcome, but no half slides)
- no compensators, or outer barrel attachments such as muzzle breaks
- Black, tan, or dark gray in colour (no shiny silver, chrome, or lightning pink)
- Iron sights, not red dots or RMRís
- As fast a cycling speed as is possible (still within the context of a tactical pistol, and not a race gun)
- Effective range and accuracy out to ~125 feet

1. Iíd like to short stroke the gun just a tiny bit. Enough to take out any excess travel beyond the slide catch. Is it possible to add some of those coloured spacers on the guide rod, but not disable the slide catch?

2. Iíve heard that the stock slide breaks in two areas; the rear sight, and the back of the slide. If I upgrade the rear sight to something sturdier, will the rear sight issue be resolved?

I plan to upgrade to an aluminum slide down the road, so Iím not worried about the rear portion of the slide breaking. Iíve heard short stroking the stock gun can lessen the load on the rear portion of the slide, giving it a little more durability.

3. With an aluminum slide, 125% - 150% recoil spring, and lightweight internals, would this be considered a violent rebound rate? If so, what can I do to increase my gunís longevity?

4. Itís my understanding that adjustable triggers will only allow you to adjust the Ďbackslopí after the trigger disconnects the sear and hammer. What can I do to reduce pre-pull take up? I understand that ILLusion mentioned adding material to the back of the trigger bow, but it was a vague explanation. Where can I learn more?

5. Can someone please help me understand Sear Reset Time? Thatís another portion of ILLusionís FAQ I didnít understand well enough. Iíve read it so many times that the words no longer make sense to me. Please help!

6. With a tactical-purpose in mind, I still want a crisp, clean trigger. I understand that the trigger and hammer section go hand-in-hand. What do I need to do, or buy, to have a high-quality hammer section?

7. Aside from the slide and rear sight, what are other common breakages on the TM Hi Capa? I know the TM G17ís front post would break within a few rounds of shooting, so a new lower was generally the first thing someone should buy. What spare or new parts should I be looking to keep on hand?

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply! If anyone here wants to talk one-on-one, I would love to learn more about working with Hi Capaís from experienced techs.

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Re. #4, you are right, adjustable triggers only address overtravel. But, an adjustable trigger bow will allow you to tune out the takeup without adding material to the trigger bow to have it sitting against the sear at rest.
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