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Newbie Tank

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Old August 11th, 2016, 16:13   #1
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After spending about 2 grand at i am now warning all other consumers that only some of their "new stuff" is actually "new"....and once you've opened it and discover that it is broken, then you cant return it anymore cause you opened it....FML!!!
anyone know where i can order KWC airsoft UZI co2 mags??? THAT DONT LEAK Co2!!! (2/5 of mine leak, and they are already shitty on gas, 40 rnd per tank on semi, even less on i want a half dozen mags!! that dont leak, haha) but the of the 4 spares i have 2 were broken right out of the package....and i have bought 6 different aegs from them (Dont tell my wife that, lol) and one simply never worked so yea i believe that they repack alot of used products..but u can get some deals there tho...but now i will be shopping at toronto airsoft and/or possibly anyone shop there b4?

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Old August 11th, 2016, 16:19   #2
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1) Don't know why'd you buy a KWC anything.

2) CO2 mags leak very easily, so you need to maintain them consistently.

3) 1 CO2 cartridge per mag sound about right.

4) You can buy UZI mags anywhere, including asia, and the states. Better finding them used then paying full pop for each.

5) Get age verified, will save you in the future from dropping 2K on a random retailer.
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Old August 11th, 2016, 16:24   #3
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Soooo were the mags $400 each or did you buy nearly $2k worth of other stuff that works fine?

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Old August 11th, 2016, 22:04   #4
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The Uzi is a bit of a gas hog especially on full auto.

I've seen a number of gas guns from a varying brands with slight gas leaks new from the box.

Bio is right about Co2 magazines being prone to leaking very easily if the gasket is dry, cracked, missing, or damaged from over tightening.

Gas guns in general are not plug and play, they require varying amounts of regular maintenance and might require you carry spare components that are prone to frequent failure. If you are looking for something to ride hard and put away wet without worrying about maintenance I'd suggest you stick with AEG's.

Most retailers worldwide do not offer any guarantee explicit or implied on airsoft guns but then again some stores/brands do... I would shop around and stick with the retailer that gives the best after sales support... but to claim REPLICA as a scam is a bit over the top! Vote with your dollar but I wouldn't be so hasty to shit talk a company for a product they did not make.

Follow the link if you want to know more about return policy's and consumer protection in Canada

Should have done a little more research...

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Old August 12th, 2016, 01:21   #5
Join Date: Jun 2016
Location: Nowhere near you, B.C.
even if i had done more research....i'd just reach the point of buy or beware...and now i no not to shop there...they have some good deals but they also have products that never work at all...i think i just got unlucky because 4 weeks ago the mags they sent were fine....

1.) WHY KWC? KWC was cheap/sale ($200 new & including taxes & S&H) but now i know and knowing is half the battle the other half is financing the better brand... a Tokyo Marui MP7 would be cooler i know
2.) Do all Co2 mags leak easily? or is it a KWC thing? i also have 3 desert eagles, goin on almost 3 yrs w/o issues (one TM that was over $300 & 2 from KWC that were under $300 together on sale). The TM one looks cooler cause of the chrome but they all function about the same and since i have 6 spare mags (2x Co2 and 4x greengas) for the KWC i use those 2 more often then the TM (although i have been told that the TM deagle is not the best example of how great, solid/reliable the GBBPs from TM can be.) At any rate, what kind of maintenance should i be doing constantly? Is this like maintaining the valve or cleaning the slide? Srry, i really do try not to ask dumb questions, but i dont always succeed, its tough for me...
3.) 3 out of 5 of my uzi mags clear the rounds with one co2 tank (or all but 5 BBs on fullAuto) and i know that is issue is that they just sent me 2 mags that leaked right from the get go...(how was i supposed to know they leaked b4 opening them?!)i didnt get any shots out of either but the supplier wont exchange them for 2 that work cause they are opened ....i dont care if they send me 2 new ones that are opened, i just want two mags that hold the co2, but since i opened them i cant exchange them....even though THEY NEVER WORKED TO BEGIN WITH, rrrrg.
4.) maybe i will try hate trying out new retailers....Canadian Airsoft retailers can be like a box of chocolates.
5.) i gotta buy a new car to get AV'd, or fly to vancouver...but im at the point where i dont think i will buy so much as another BB until i get AVd..
No doubt, KWC is not the best brand but in this case i blame the retailer...i dont want money back i just want to get 2 mags that work like the other 3 i bought from replica. and seeing as how i have dropped 2 grand in the last 8 weeks with these guys for OTHER PRODUCTS that do work (besides a g&g cm carbine that had a broken gearbox right out of the box, so i think they repackage used stuff) i guess i figured that they would throw me a bone to keep my business....but after they had me to do some paperwork they concluded that i am not entitled to an exchange or refund...
i was pretty pissed when i made the post, and yea you guys are right, its not really a scam, that comment was a bit much and your right, all i can do is find a new retailer and start from square one with them, probably torontoairsoft, you hit the nail on the head when you said to vote with my dollar......and i know everyone who reads this probably thinks im just fuckin clueless for not getting my date of birth confirmed but thats like a 3 day trip to a city with fuckin hotels n off the grid so thats kinda stressful for me (its a mission just to get internet) day i will though (it be sweet if there were a way to do it online with skype or something, BUT i understand why it is the way it is, i really do get it, and respect not thaaat dumb

@disco_dante: the mags were only 50 bucks a pop haha...but still since i cant return or exchange em..i wonder if there are any techniques i can use to fix em and also, to prevent it from happening to the other gas mags...cause this sucks haha right out of the package and im out $100.

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Old August 12th, 2016, 01:24   #6
Join Date: Jun 2016
Location: Nowhere near you, B.C.
your definately right about AEGs...i cant see myself getting another gas gun other than a pistol (i actually really like my kwc d.eagle's cause i have greengas and co2 mags for them) but aegs seem to be all around easier to maintain..

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Old August 13th, 2016, 15:51   #7
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Toronto Airsoft has KWC output valves.
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