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KA P90 threading


Doctor's Corner

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Old April 14th, 2019, 12:01   #1
Join Date: Sep 2017
KA P90 threading

Hey there,

I bought an AEG KA P90 second hand, and the previous owner attempted to melt off the orange tip. Unfortunately I dont think he got to the set screw and he kind of just warped the tip. Looks ugly.

I figured if I can cut it off, i'll put a mock suppressor on it. My question is whether or not the threading underneath the tip is metal? I dont want to dremel it off only to find out I cut into the threading.
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Old December 13th, 2019, 01:12   #2
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It likely is metal. But if you are still worried, use a drill tip instead of a cutting tip and then break the orange plastic off in sections that way.
To be more specific, use the drill bit to make a hole all the way down to the threading, then a cutting bit for the Drexel and cut VERY SLOWLY until the plastic is thin enough where you are able to essentially 'shatter' the orange plastic into pieces and snap it off bit by bit.
I have done this with multiple guns, both with metal threading and plastic threading underneath and as long as you use a thin flat tip screwdriver or a thin chisel and clean up the threading underneath afterwards, it will be fine.
P.s: I have done this on a snow wolf m107, vfc Mp5, hk 417, echo m4 and m16, too many g&g's to count, glocks,1911's, asg mgl, my g&g p90, echo 1 ak47, jg g36, CA ump45, a&k mk46, and the list goes on. Just take your time, have patience, and keep a steady hand.
Hope this helps
current armament:
mk43, ump.45, p90, barret, m14, g33, k98, m4 tac, m4 swat, mp5 navy, vsr10, p226, m9.
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