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Falcon brand precision inner barrel for 1911?


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Old February 27th, 2014, 20:58   #16
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Yeah I knew about the sights, just looking to see if there was a type that I liked better than the others lol. A compensator removes the front sight though? That'd make it a little difficult to precision aim. This is for battle, so I'd like to keep the front sight... I'l forego the comp. Just the basic slide then. So far, I've got a blow back unit (it's the Nineball Feather Weight one) and slide picked out, rubber, front sight and rear sight (why are the rear ones so much more expensive?! The front post is 10$ the rear is 65$? wtf!) Will I still need the recoil rod if I don't use the comp?

What I'm still looking for I guess is a hop up chamber, so I also need a compatible nozzle, right? I'm really not sure since this is my first pistol build -_- hopefully last lol it's already costing me a fortune XD

About you're picture there... I thought Hi-capa slides and 1911 slides were similar enough to go between If not I'll be putting a lot of work into this without knowing if it'll even function.
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Old February 28th, 2014, 10:47   #17
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MOST of the complete slide sets will remove the front sight, as again, these slide sets are generally used with electronic dots. That's not to say there AREN'T slide sets available without a front sight. Some have the dovetail for a front sight, such as the Limcat series, or might have an integrated front sight machined directly on the compensator, such as the Infinity Heroes slide set.

Otherwise, if you want a different style, then like I mentioned, you'll have to get a regular slide (like the Shuey Custom you mentioned), plus a separate purchase of a comp-ready outer barrel, plus a compensator. You'd just have to deal with the beveled seam where the slide's muzzle meets the comp.

Regarding the Nine Ball Featherweight blowback unit, I hope you got the Hi-Capa one and NOT the MEU one.

Hi-Capa 5.1 rear sights are expensive because of the number of parts involved in it. Off the top of my head, it's made up of 8 parts, whereas your typical tactical wedge sight is made up of only 2.

For skirmish/combat/duty use, tactical wedges are generally preferred, because the limited number of parts means higher durability. The less moving parts, the less chance of something breaking or going wrong. Also, the wedge shape offers less points to catch on gear. Obviously, you pay for this by having the inability to adjust for a point of aim - point of impact. You have to train with your pistol's combat sights to find out where it's point of impact is relative to the sight.

What rear sight are you getting for $65? I have OEM Marui rear sights in stock for cheaper - $49. ILLusion Kinetics steel adjustable rear sights for $76. The steel is more durable, and machined to greater precision fit. Some aftermarket rear sights do not come with all of the parts you need (usually the springs). The ILLusion Kinetics one comes complete.

The requirement for a full length recoil rod is for a number of reasons, and is completely unrelated to the comp. I'll break it down: The Shuey slide does not have a barrel bushing lug. Thus, you'll need to upgrade to a bull barrel. Since you'll be ditching the straight barrel, you can no longer use the barrel bushing, and as a result, having the spring plug you currently have is unnecessary, as there is no barrel bushing to lock to it.

In addition to that, the Hi-Capa 5.1 has a *slightly* shorter slide length than the 1911 series, so your spring plug will stick out slightly. Keep in mind, this information is taken from Marui spec 1911 vs Hi-Capa 5.1. I don't know how closely the Army 1911 replicated the Marui 1911 dimensions. But if they did, that means your spring plug will stick out the muzzle by another 0.1". It'll look wack, but that's probably just a cosmetic annoyance. If you're okay with that, then you can stick with your plugged spring guide setup. With *some* comps (not all), it does require a flush-fit recoil rod bushing, and in that case, you can't use your spring plug at all, lest you risk damaging something during the recoil. You'll have to check the lengths to confirm.

Otherwise, the Shuey Custom slide comes with a matching recoil rod bushing, which is meant for use with a full length recoil rod. It's open at the front. If you don't get a full length recoil rod, it will become an entry point for dirt. It's not ideal for a combat/skirmish pistol... but the Shuey slide has huge gaping holes at the top of it anyways, so I suppose that point is moot.

Hop Up chambers I have in stock. OEM, ILLusion Kinetics, and Nova.

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Old February 28th, 2014, 20:59   #18
Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Ingersoll, Ontario
Yeah I'm thinkin' of not going with the comp. It looks weirder every time i look at it lol. The rear sight was an adjustible one from ehobby. I'm just browsing for parts right now, seeing whats where for how much and give myself a general total for what i'm about to put into the pistol so I can prepare for the funds. Haven't actually BOUGHT anything yet, I just meant I sourced it for a reasonable price lol. But looking at it, it says m1911/meu... fuck, well good call cuz I wouldn't have known. Hmm... If i had time, money, and a car, i'd drive up to see you in person. that or buy a whole new 1911 tm... I kind of liked the adjustible sights, but a blade side would be cheaper... at the same time, it'd be easier to have the adjustible cuz i can get them with the fiber optic sticks (tired, cant remember what they're called...) and that'd be better than trying to eye up through the tiny slit in the blade...
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