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S-Thunder's Successful Debut at IWA Germany


Airsoft Media

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S-Thunder's Successful Debut at IWA Germany


S-Thunder ( successfully made its debut at the 2011 IWA OutdoorClassics Show in Nuremberg, Germany.

As a new company in the milsim, airsoft and paintball industry, the S-Thunder display drew much attention from visiting distributors, wholesalers, retailers. law enforcement/tactical trainers, media (print, internet and television) as well as military personnel from surrounding NATO Military Bases.

To fully demonstrate how products functioned, S-Thunder offered visitors a chance to test all of its products (ie M203 style grenade shells, grenade launchers and landmines). Everyone who visited and had a chance to test products on site were very impressed and surprised how well and durable S-Thunder's products are. S-Thunder's Engineering Director, CH Wong also fully dismantled many products to show visitors how simple in design S-Thunder's products are and he answered a wave of technical questions from a number of visitors.

Yu-Hon Li, Director of Business Development notes that.... "S-Thunder's first showing at the 2011 IWA Show has been a great success. We had a large continuous flow of visitors coming to our booth to see/test products as well as to view a number of tests/reviews (in print and video formats) from professional reviewers worldwide. Having been able to allow visitors to test our range of milsim grenades, grenade launchers, landmines and M4 style military training markers at our booth allowed visitors to fully understand the ease of use, functionality, durability and simplicity in engineering of all our products. Everyone was sold on S-Thunder's products after testing the products. All these points are of great importance for distributors and retailers to help sell and service these products to recreational milsim players. We were most surprised by the reception we received from military personnel as well as professional tactical trainers as they were very impressed by our landmines. One tactical trainer from Italy mentioned he purchased one online to do an internal test and he confirmed that they are durable because they were able to drive a vehicle over the powder spraying landmine (which is made of nylon resin) without damaging it!"

Commenting on the overall effect of the show for S-Thunder, Yu-Hon states that "IWA drew visitors from Europe, North & South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia. We are extremely satisfied by the overall interest received and we are confident that our product line will soon become available in many more markets around the world as we grow our family of distributors. In addition to growing our distribution network, we imagine that there is a possibility that our products will be used by many more military and law enforcement related organisations as S-Thunder is still a new brand in this field and most of our marketing efforts have been focused on the recreational side of the business. Upon speaking to a US Army Colonel, they mentioned that our products would be suitable for military personnel for military training, recreational use as well as specialists training such as those personnel involved with landmine clearing. We are confident and definitely feel that there is a much broader range of possibilities for our products in the military field to help train and protect solders in the battlefield. Due to this and the variety of other positive responses and interest received, the IWA Show is definitely on our list of shows to participate at on our 2012 show list."

An interview with Yu-Hon Li as well as a demonstration of some of S-Thumder's products was done by and can be seen here,

YouTube - AATV @ IWA 2011: S-Thunder

The S-Thunder TEAM
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