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WE 1911 losing gas - spitting/blowing out gas after 3-4 shots


Upgrades & Modifications

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Old July 18th, 2020, 06:07   #1
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WE 1911 losing gas - spitting/blowing out gas after 3-4 shots

Hi forum,

Recently got a brand new WE 1911 floral pattern.

Long story short, right out of the box it had the below issues:

- Slide being caught on a trigger when cycling
- Pistol randomly shooting 2 rounds instead of 1
- Pistol discharging the whole mag after 3-4 shots, happens at random, not all the time

I fixed the first 2 issues by filing down the rear of the slide/trigger and adjusting the 3 leaf spring

The most annoying part is the random gas discharge. After reading a number of forums/FB groups, it appears many have similar challenges with WE 1911s.

My understanding is that the gas knocker (part of the hammer mechanism) somehow doesn't jump back when knocking on the mag's valve.

Has anyone experienced the same issue and if yes, did you manage to fix this and how?

Which parts are likely in need of replacing? Is this to do with a disconnector not functioning properly, or the spring which controls the movement of the vale knocker (not the one in magazine, but the one in the pistol's hammer mechanism).

Please don't suggest to "lube that thing" - I've already completely stripped the whole thing down to a signle screw and lubricated with PTFE grease.

Also tested with different mags so they are not an issue.
Aware the WE parts are low quality, if you know which parts may be the root cause and where to get them, please share, would appreciate that too.

Thanks in advance.
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