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Is the market getting colder for used AEG/GBB?



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Old March 10th, 2019, 11:00   #1
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Is the market getting colder for used AEG/GBB?

Hello. Sorry if it has been asked before, but I was wondering about the market for used airsoft replicas. I have been a member on this forum for almost 10 years, and in my earlier days it felt like used AEG/GBB were selling quite fast. Now that I am transitioning from paintball to airsoft after renting an AEG for a few days, I feel I might have to commit heavily to what I will buy, as I don't expect to easily be able to resell time later.

What I mean is that even now, selling a paintball marker is a matter of days, while I see tons and tons of threads in the classifieds with an original date of six months ago if not more. Is it because the market is colder (less buyer), because the price difference between used and new has lowered (many US online shops now have Canadian's gun section on their website), or because deals are going out fast, leaving a lot of over-price items (which I doubt since I have been checking classified multiple times a day for a good two months)?
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Old March 10th, 2019, 11:35   #2
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It largely depends on what you are selling and, of course, at what price. Higher end builds, specialty guns (lmg, dmr) and uncommon platforms all hang on longer that the common stuff. AKs and M4s in the mid range tend to move relatively well at the right price. Also, some sales/traffic have moved to Reddit because half the planet is on it anyway so it is convenient from a user perspective.

I haven't had any problem moving stuff but I'm pretty aggressive on pricing compared to some. As an active buyer I also find that anything the is well priced will find a new home.

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You buy/sell gear that is entry-mid level on Facebook/local ad posts/Reddit.

You see more buy/sell ads for the expensive $500+ stuff on ASC.

Since I have experienced harassment/threats by other users in open channels ive steered clear of those sites. I declined someone's trade offer for his g&g raider for one of my mp5's and he treated it as an insult that I didn't want his entry level gun.

Another time I've encountered buyers who were under 18 harassing me to sell them something and lowballed me $100 and wanted me to throw in free bb's. When refused they proceeded to mass spam call me from 2 different numbers and a blocked caller ID.

Never again.
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Old March 10th, 2019, 12:49   #4
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Personal opinion here, some may agree or disagree on some points. Markets dry up on used aeg's and gbb's because sellers are not always honest about ALL KNOWN issues and are attempting to recover the sometimes, over-inflated costs they spent on certain items at the retail level. It tends to make buyers of used items shy away or completely avoid buying used unless trader ratings list the seller as honest and forthcoming and if the buyer is sometimes simply looking for specific spare parts. I believe that a higher percentage of aeg's and gbb's that are not performing well go up on the chopping block at risk to the buyer as opposed to properly working, field ready, strongly built, consistently chronoed and looked after guns. Quality built and maintained aeg's / gbb's tend to stay in collections or get sold off because of personal health, finances, leaving the sport or down-sizing due to living, moving, space requirements.

That's my opinion, like ah's everyone's got one, love it, hate it. Lets keep the sport exciting, fun and dynamic
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