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The Chinese Innovation- Falcon EBB Glock Gel Blaster, Inspired by the DAS System



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Old May 28th, 2020, 15:16   #1
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The Chinese Innovation- Falcon EBB Glock Gel Blaster, Inspired by the DAS System

First of all I didn't make this video, but I found this interesting and worth a look even for the airsoft players.

The laws of the Mainland China banned the ordinary citizen's ownership of the airsoft guns(a few wargame clubs over there have those as the loner guns for use within the premises only) and left them with the gelball blasters- even those, too, are under the threats of the laws that may change overnight, as well of certain media groups that, to say simply, trying to make these gelball blasters appear to be as destructive as the real firearms, and not to mentions that some bad kids' misbehavior makes the general population in China has a negative perception upon both the wargamers and gelball blasters as a whole.

Unlike the rest of the world that uses the FPS or the Joules as the indication of the muzzle energy of the gun, the Chinese uses the so-called "Specific kinetic energy" conversion and the maximum muzzle energy limitation over there is 1.8J/CM2- this value is chosen as this is the minimum amount of the kinetic energy required to cause damages to a pig's eye from a distance of 30cm.

Despite the not-so-favourable circumstances over there, the Chinese did not stop making innovations in this field and, if that EBB System works reliability over the long term usages, this could be the game changer.

The main characteristics of the Falcon Workshop GLOCK Gel Blaster are:

-All working components and their housings are made out of CNC aluminum alloys, with the gears are most likely made out of steel.

-The magazine also houses a ultra high-troque neodymium motor, a custom T238 MOSFET control unit(for active-braking), as well as the
propriety battery.

-Field-stripping procedure is identical to the GBB and real steel counterparts, so as the handling procedure (ie. The pistol must be cocked before firing)

-Fast, snappy, full-stroke blowback action that locks on empty. Since there's no gas consumptions and cooldown effects to worry about, one can enjoy shooting it all day long, as long as the battery is in good order.

-As with the DAS System, this blaster will also functions as a manual-operated springer, in the event of the battery gone flat.

-As this was the crowdfunding project, the first 100 units with a CNC aluminum slide costed the backers 2500CNY(Approx 350 USD); Falcon Workshop announced that a version with a nylon slide will be available for about 700CNY(approx. 100 USD)

"Falcon" GLOCK Gel Blaster-Brand New Electric System
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Old May 29th, 2020, 12:20   #2
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Well... that is clever.
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Old May 29th, 2020, 13:00   #3
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It's an interesting system for sure. I'd be curious to see how it would implement into something like an AEP.
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Old January 12th, 2021, 18:53   #4
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Here is the full review video, this will completely change the rule of the pistol if anyone could transform this into airsoft, but unfortunately gel blaster is also getting banned in China now and as far as I know, there are only a few people own this gorgeous baby

This is another type of DAS AEP made in China, so innovative...

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