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Zot Youtube channel


Airsoft Media

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Old May 30th, 2019, 14:24   #1
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Zot Youtube channel

Hey everyone, I know forums are kind of old news and as I do not use facebook this is the closest thing to airsoft social media that I take part in while my handle on
ASC is different my gamer tag has been Zot for a while hence the name of the channel (perhaps i can swindle an admin for a name change on here).

At any rate after some years of epic moments that I would talk about at games where no one would believe that the stuff actually happened I decided to start wearing a camera for the games,
while this is nothing new as every other guy out there has a camera strapped to themselves I rarely saw any footage from the games.
So much to my frustration I decided that I would post up some fun and funny moments from games I attended for myself and for the
people that were there.

This has been my personal project to preserve some of those airsoft memories for myself and those I play with. Most games are indoor or outdoor games in Southern Ontario, I am always looking
for someone to do something epic or funny right in front of me so it makes it more interesting to watch.

Well after years of recording and having life kick my ass and demotivating me from the tedious task of editing, I have finally at this moment completely caught up on airsoft gameplay footage (May 2019)
videos get scheduled to upload Sundays at 10am est.

Zot youtube

Some notable videos

OP Dawn of Olympus PRZ
Hill 437 bunker battle
Siege Airsoft gameplay
Some Ultimate Airsoft gameplay
Barrie paintball's Sin City
Zot vs the bog
Airsoft helicopter gun run

I am always looking for some more good clean airsoft gameplay when I'm recording I hope to see all of you out there on the field
doing something funny or awesome for the camera

Warderp (Zot)
"Are you going out LARPing in the woods with your friends this weekend?"

"First of all it's called airsoft, and second you can't bring the foam lightning bolts
you made unless the crono shows they are under the FPS limit"
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