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Vfc mp7 aeg notes and modifications


Upgrades & Modifications

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Old March 17th, 2020, 22:09   #1
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Vfc mp7 aeg notes and modifications

First of all I'd like to start of in saying doing any modifications void VFCS warranty on this delicate gun and potential functionality if done incorrectly.


For years there hasnt been anything in the mp7 configuration on the aeg side that has come close to the specifications that this gun provides. Baseline specs on this gun are 1.2J stock and 25rps w/ 11.1 lipo 900mah. These baseline numbers are definitely a contender in terms of numbers. AS of right now new you can acquire these guns at around 550-600CAD (crazy exchange rate).

This proprietary 2 piece electronic board is absolutely a dollar store design who ever was hired in Taiwan to do the electronics on this gun did some shit hodge podge design with what they were allowed to do in terms of barbaric tech. Essentially a irl3034 hybrid with a main board connected to segmented board with three I/O ports each of which have to all close a single circuit to engage the mosfet: WHITE LEAD the cuts of base circuits from this magnetic shot stop function integrated into the hopup unit, BLUE LEAD to a double arm cut off for semi and auto on the selector side and ORANGE LEAD to a trigger sensor by the gearbox with a shitty rotator spring cuff push down unit thingy(yup its unbelievably over complicated design made out of really shit plastic and shit grade alloy components for semi timing(it some how works well and will describe in further detail).

All right this is the cajones...where do I start hmmm

YUP 4 gears all proprietary of course! u have a sector gear which has one of the most atrocious delayer cams ever made. This coherent design is flawed simply by the fact that on load its poor little brittle plastic piece is being forced by a pin way to close to center and way to small which doesnt spread the force load correctly, alot of cases have confirmed destruction on this piece less than 2k rounds. spur and double spur are not worth a mention. and finally bevel gear, which happens to decently shimmed stock.

wow. this sucks balls. one of the worst designs ever. Starting by the cam lobe since its a shrouded design. What this means is the delayer cam can retract the nozzle on load cycle on the return phase where the piston is heading back to home the god damn delayer cam even with out the tappet springs help is actually pushing the tappet back. So if a jam was to occur and the nozzle cannot fully retract...guess what explodes: "the delayer fucking cam"
thanks taiwan, i applaud you for not copying the japanese for this one and thats fucking sarcasm.

Its proprietary in a sense that its a 26.33mm long with 7.03mm outer diameter and stock oring holds good airseal

Cylinder Head
Its a V7.. AOE is on the money but def a hard rubber

Its chopped reg V2 diameter

Piston Head
POM and ported V2 clone

Chopped v2 pick up gear is pom and part of the piston, rest of the gears are metal. Interesting side note is that one side of the piston has a rail cut out with a gradient rail in the end designed for when piston makes its full cycle right a the end of the stroke some seesaw bar gets slammed by this piston rail gradient mechanically inducing the end of the cycle on the rotator cuff on semi.

Its proprietary and works.

I made these names up because im not mando or canto and IDK what they said in taiwan but i will post the actual product numbers shortly. this is the delicate and most insane design of trigger mechanics cross bread to work digitaly. ROTATOR CUFF is a double spring design, rotation torsional spring is to keep it from touching the senor and compression spring is what pushes the catch cam to meet with the trigger bar. CUT off bar is activated when the piston makes its way to the end where in the cutoff bar makes contact with the piston pushing the bar out of the gearbox hole and pushing down on the catch cam of the rotator cuff and compressing the the catch cam away from trigger bar which at that point the load from the torsion spring rotates the cuff back and away from the sensor therefore resetting the cycle. On full auto selector the trigger bar is pushed down to disable the rotator cuff from returning to reset function snd being held down till the trigger is released.

Hop Up Unit
Luckily Its a aeg mated barrel design with very simple side dial and no cushion support on the arm its simply plastic riding directly on the bucking. Barrel length is 200mm. The unit also houses the delicate last shot sensor which is the white lead as noted on the mosfet section. This is engaged and completes the circuit on the secondary board when the last shot is fired and the feed guide is raise to the top of the hopup unit from the mag the south pole side of the magnet on the feed guide attracts the north polarity side of the sensor cutoff white lead which inturn breaks the circuit therefore disabling the fire control.

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Old March 23rd, 2020, 10:24   #2
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Nice review! Again, it's a nice AEG but damn I scared to open it.
The gears were well shimmed?
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Old March 29th, 2020, 12:06   #3
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Location: Nova Scotia
Out of the box the gears are shimmed to an extent how ever each gear has about .15mm of play. The bearings are not set with adhesive well enough therefore there is wiggle room. Another issue is that the shafts on the gears themselves were cut too short there fore if shimming is required to be heavy on one side you potentially could run the risk of the shaft not even being able to securely seat itself on the bearing. But out of the box they do need a little tightening or loosening on the pinion adjustment screw located behind the mosfet 3 pin connector housing. Cheers
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