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Which gun to choose


Airsoft Guns Discussion

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Old February 21st, 2018, 09:01   #1
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Which gun to choose

Hello everyone,

I am new to airsoft, but used to play paintball years ago. I have been doing a lot of reading and watching a lot of YouTube reviews and it appears that G&G is the way to go for people beginning in airsoft. #raider

I know there are a pile of great companies out there (Krytac,KWA to name a couple)

I have a limited budget like everyone else, but I want to play sooner then later. I have landed on these two and not sure would be the best way to go

G&G 2.0E Approx $245 Cad///// G&G SRXL Approx $315 Cad

Any advise on if I got the 2.0E and spent the remaing approx $70 on upgrades would it shoot better then the SRXL

I am open to other ideas/suggestions as well

Thanks in advance

Tyler Shea
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Old February 21st, 2018, 09:30   #2
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For $315 cad you can get a vfc on one Canadian retailer... For as low as $339.00

Can't give you a retailer name but if you google "vfc vr16 m105 canada" should be first link.

Depending where your located some stores will price match if same rifle.

Lots of threads on VFC aegs. #masterrace
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Old February 21st, 2018, 22:39   #3
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The 2.0E and the SRXL have the same internals, so they're going to shoot the same in stock form. All of the Combat Machines (CM's), in their respective generations, have the same internals. The cost difference is in the aesthetics (externals). The best upgrades to improve accuracy will cost you from $0-30 (flat-hop or R-hop, improving air seal), provided you know how to turn a screwdriver and can follow tutorials to do the work yourself. Improving ROF and reliability/longevity will cost significantly more.

The new gen CM's have an included programmable MOSFET and a micro trigger switch, which makes them even more enticing. However, I still wouldn't spend more than the base model price on a CM ~$250, because beyond that you're still paying for different externals on a polymer receiver. As Bio pointed out, you can have a VFC (quality metal receiver) for $340. VFC is arguably the best platform from which to upgrade. So, although it's plain looking in stock form, rails, stocks, pistol grips etc. can all be changed/added after the fact to achieve the desired exterior look and functionality you're after. If a VFC M4 is in your budget it's generally a better long term choice.

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