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Lipo 11.1 battery ?


Accessories Discussion

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Old August 24th, 2019, 12:21   #1
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Lipo 11.1 battery ?

I just bought a Krytac Trident 2 and am looking for a Lipo 11.1.

The manufacturer recommends not using anything higher than c20 but most retailers in Canada are selling c30's or higher. Some people say it does not matter and it won't burn out your gear box and others say it will.
Opinions please?

Also there are some reviews on Amazon about Valkan batteries and other well known manufacturers batteries heating up not working etc. But this could just be from misuse, storage, running the battery dry etc.

Any brand recommendations and where to purchase them?
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Old August 24th, 2019, 13:20   #2
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I like turnigy branded ones from hobbyking. Haven't had issues with the valken or black blitz brands though.
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Old August 24th, 2019, 17:25   #3
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When people say it's too high of C rating, what those mouthbreathers fail to understand is that the C rating is not a measure of how much amperage is going into your gun.
The C rating is the size of the pipe that the gas flows through. Bigger pipe, more flow. Doesn't mean the engine is using more gas, just means it COULD use more gas.

If your motor wants to draw 21A, then it's going to draw 21A whether your battery supplies 15A or 2000A.

One thing to keep in mind is MOTOR START SPIKES
If your motor pulls 21A when it's firing full auto, it could very well pull 75A for a few milliseconds when it first begins to turn.
Any time you see guys with slightly puffed lipos, it's the motor start spikes that are damaging that lipo.
More C rating = more better, ALWAYS
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