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Dan wesson co2 revolver not revolving


Newbie Tank

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Old January 7th, 2021, 17:56   #1
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Dan wesson co2 revolver not revolving

Hi. Can someone please help me? My son's revolver which is 2 months old is no longer revolver. If I seed the chamber properly nothing happens when I pull the trigger. If I push in on the ejector rod, and pull the trigger it works perfectly. Please help.
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Old January 11th, 2021, 21:35   #2
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the most likely issue is the part of the cylinder that engages with the little metal clip that actually rotates the cylinder is to worn (the issue arises from either constant spinning of the cylinder while it is in the closed position or by spinning the cylinder and snapping it shut like they do in the movies), or that the little clip that actually rotates the cylinder is either broken or worn (caused by same handling as mentioned above). you will either need to disassemble the entire thing and replace that clip or replace the entire cylinder as a whole.
but without any pictures of said parts, i cannot concretely determine that this is in fact your issue, i can only make an educated guess based on already having had one of my own in the past and by process of elimination make a guess at the actual issue

for future reference, problems with guns are to be posted in docs corner normally so that you can get responses from members that are generally more inclined to try and help solve issues like these.
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