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Skeleton Sidearms - SS92



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Old July 22nd, 2012, 18:34   #1
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Skeleton Sidearms - SS92

Had this thing for over a month, but haven't been able to actually test it 'till this weekend.

First off, as the results will show, I think this company gets a bad rep from a loud, but otherwise minority group of the buyers.

I found this gun to be quite good for its price which is around 100$.

For those don't want the price of their pistol - especially newcomers - to be the same as a rifle, I think the SS92 offers a nice alternative before having to get something see-through or too cheap.

Pros: good accuracy for 50+ft,
weight feels like a real m9, durable, easy to operate

Cons: No moving parts, magazine looks like a pencil, not metal

Anyway, I did some tests in the country and had pretty decent results.

Total shots fired so far: approx 200

Target Size; 1ft x 1ft

The distance to the target is about 65ft with a slight decline from where I was shooting.

The first results it's obvious I was shooting too low as seen, but nevertheless the spread is not too bad...well you ain't shooting through your enemy's scope, but you could still hit center mass no problem

The second shows better results. (I'd like to point out the 2nd box to the right was used for my assault rifle and those two holes side by side were from a double tab using my KWA M4A1.

The tree stands at about 35ft. All 15 shots hit the tree.
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Old December 20th, 2012, 18:51   #2
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(Quote) "First off, as the results will show, I think this company gets a bad rep from a loud, but otherwise minority group of the buyers."
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I TOTALLY agree with you.

Love the looks of that airsoft. Excellent review. Looks like a great airsoft for the money. Certainly worth considering! Thank you. Mario
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