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Just a small collection of my C8NLD and C7NLD builds.
Also a Diemaco C8A1 built.
Still need the right stock for that one tho.
First pic a Tippmann styled as a Diemaco C8A1 used to be used by the Dutch special forces.
Below that the WE GBBR resyled to a Colt Canada C8NLD now used by the Dutch army.
Second pic,top is again a WE GBBR M16 rebuild to a Colt Canada C7NLD and below that a Tippy rebuild to C7NLD with UGL, also used by the Dutch army.
Last pic a WE GBBR M4 RIS restyled to a C8NLD and below that again a Tippy rebuild to C8NLD.
On the side 2 glocks 17 with full markings.
Last on the original Colt Canada C8NLD real steel

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