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Originally Posted by Ratters View Post
A friend of mine has the same pistol. His issue was he would have to pull the trigger twice for it to fire. It seemed like it was either a sear issue or trigger spring/sear spring issue. I think what he did was strip the gun, and check every part for freedom of movement, I also think he did some minor bending of the trigger spring to attempt a tension increase or decrease. Personally I would refrain from bending anything but it's up to you.

I'm not a gun doc but it could also be the piston hanging up on the lower frame. If the piston is new or under warranty you could bring it back if. But airsoft returns are a fickle thing.

I would be patient and wait until someone with a lot more knowledge than me pm's you or posts openly about your problem. It's a quality pistol from a quality company, so there are many parts available on this forum in the parts and accessories section
Yep, I love this gun. Iím not going to give up on it. Thank you for this though. Since the slide goes all the way back, I also think itís a Trigger or Sear issue. Iím going to wait for a few days and and have a few friends who have much more experience opening up the insides than me have a look. The trigger does bounce back when you let go after pulling it but it does feel slow or as if itís not free. If that makes sense. I canít wait to get to the bottom of it. Thank you for your help so far though. Very much appreciatedZ
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