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I ain't even gonna touch on the legality behind bringing in airsoft firearms or parts to Canada as an individual because there are people far more knowledgeable about it than I.

As far as most university and college dorms, airsoft guns are usually encompassed in their list of dangerous and/or prohibited items. Even if it is not explicitly listed there, if they are found, they will most likely fall under that category.

To reference you the severity of it I just looked up a random contract from a major university (name withheld for obvious reasons):

"Any objects considered dangerous to the health and/or wellbeing of fellow residents are not allowed in residence or anywhere on residence property. This includes but is not limited to: firearms, knives, Swiss Army knives, pellet guns, cap guns, bb guns, paintball guns, firecrackers, dangerous weapons, or items (real or imitation) that are intimidating or intended to cause harm. Disciplinary sanctions may include appropriation of the item(s), intervention by the appropriate legal authorities, and/or termination of your Residence Contract (depending on the severity of the incident)."

Even if the specific line about airsoft guns is omitted, most dorms college or university will have a rule about "intimidating" objects; I've heard people get in shit for painted Nerf guns (grain of salt, but still).

That said, if you're smart about it, and depending on how often the staff does checks, you can have them there. I've seen and heard of people keeping in dorms by being smart about it; probably not bringing them in right as you move in would be a good idea. Is it a piss poor idea and would I discourage it? Probably, but you can get away with it. If the dorm has security that does sweeps and searches regularly, definitely do not fuck around with that; they'll usually look for substances, but you can only hide things so well in a closed space.

However, have you considered as devbro said either, a) if you've got the mad cash to spend and have more gear, bringing it all in then getting or sharing a storage rental, or b) perhaps the easier and better option, either making friends with or having a trusted local just hold it at their place for you instead? Hell, you could lock the damn thing up in a safe or something if you wanted to risk it with somebody but I wouldn't put it with anybody you haven't at least met personally for obvious reasons.

TL;DR - I really wouldn't mess around with trying to keep it in your dorm as a non-Canadian, underage student.

I'm not sure if I'll be in Canada at the time you come in August, but if I am later on, I don't mind storing a few pieces somewhere or having someone else to (you'd want to meet first of course). DM which general province you'd be heading to and then we'll see if its even the same from there if you want. Best of luck with your studies and exams/A-levels (or whatever you're doing right now).

EDIT: Datawraith posted before I finished typing this, take his word on the university stuff over mine of course.

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