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I can't comment much on the import part of the question (although I have friends that run a store and they have trouble with customs all the time). From the stories I've heard, our customs really don't like airsoft guns at all, so I would advise you to leave what guns you have in HK and buy some once you arrive in Canada (welcome by the way). That way you don't run the risk of customs just destroying your guns and you're left with nothing. You can probably bring your gear though.

I can help with the university part as I used to help run the airsoft club at one of the universities in Ontario. Please do NOT bring any airsoft firearms on campus (residences are considered part of campus). You can be expelled for doing so as well as creating bad publicity for our sport. Pretty much all Canadian universities have policies that explicitly prohibit firearms on campus, and airsoft firearms are considered replica firearms under Canadian law.

Once you live off campus however, if you can get them past customs or if you purchase new ones, feel free to keep them in your room and come out to frag as long as you don't bring them on campus and follow proper storage and transportation etiquette (eg gun bag/case, no public brandishing, etc).

Hope this helps answer some of the questions you had.
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