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hey there,

LAPD use as well a wide variety of weapons, from MP5's with surefire lighted front ends, to M4's with surefire light and acog sight attached to the carry handle, kimber 45 1911's with old school surefire lights, as well as the x200 light with a surefire made rail adapter, the kimbers don't have a rail on the bottom but now they're looking into trading those one's out for the one's with the integrated rail. They're also looking into the HK 416 to trade out the M4's considering the different problems associated with it over the years. Most rifles are equipped with the Trijicon ACOG model but you can get away with the eotech as well. Def-Tech flashbang grenades are used, 6 barreled grenade launchers, remington shotguns with surefire lights, breaching shotguns, Barrett 50cal sniper rifles for special events, safariland holsters, and a whole host of other goodies. So hope all this helps out.
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