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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
I know Jim. But still, it's a stigma the French will always have to deal with.
Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
it's ok they deserved it lol
Welcome to 2012 asshole!

Damn racist comments like that make me mad!

The french can be proud of their fighting skills and the courage they have demonstrated over and over again, usually against superior forces. Do you have any scottish or irish blood in your ancestors, want to hear what the british said about them. Would it make you mad to hear them?

Facts: during WW1 the french lost 1,397,800 soldiers + civilian casualties and had their country ravaged while the british lost 886.939 soldiers and their country was almost untouched! Maybe England should be grateful the french stood between them and Germany. I wonder how long the brits would have lasted alone against the germans?

You will tell me the french lost the second world war, I will remind you the french and the british lost that one and that french troops sacrificed themselves so that the english expeditionnary force could escape, maybe you want to tell me those french soldiers were cowards!

Maybe you should listen to how gratefull the British soldiers were and how happy they were to escape on boats from the german army! If you look it up on the Internet you will find british veterans comparing the french to the spartans, remember the movie 300. But maybe you were there so you can tell everyone the french are cowards that run from a fight.

When you repeat racist stupidities like that you spit on the sacrifice of brave soldiers. Not just french but scottish, irish, indian, american indians and all the other races that get slammed by stupid comments based on nothing but ignorance and intolerance. To repeat them over and over makes you stupid and intolerant, it doesn't make you better!

I have no patience for racist, I dont care what country they come from or what color they are! They are the scum of the earth!
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