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Question Anyone with experience with Opsmen Earmor equipment warranty return process?

I've had my Earmor M32 Mod3 headset for just a couple of milsims, but the noise reduction aspect has suddenly stopped working and the left earphone is non-functional. I've tried swapping out the radio, batteries and PTT - all equipment that works with another functioning M32 headset does not work with the apparently defective pair.

It's well out of the 30 day return period for the retailer (B Squared Airsoft) but I'm still inside the one year warranty period from the manufacturer.

Does anyone have experience dealing with Opsmen - is there a recommended method of contact? I've used the contact form on their website, but some Google searches seem to indicate that they can be non-responsive or slow to respond, so I'm wondering what communication method is best to get prompt service.

Thanks in advance.
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