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Is "No Duff" Still a Thing?

Not sure where else to post this.

Anyways, I was at a game yesterday with lots of players. The field was really muddy and I watched an enemy player running full-tilt fall and hit his back really hard. After everyone stopped shooting at him I was watching to see if he would get up but he was obviously hurt quite badly and was in pain.

A few of us tried to get the ref's attention but nobody was assisting him, including his own teammates who couldn't have been more than 10ft in front of him. I decided to start calling "no duff" because this guy was clearly hurt, and a bunch of people started calling it. Still no ref or players close to him were responding to that and they kept playing. So I kept calling no duff and ran towards him myself. I got lit up a bunch of times while calling no duff and running with my arms up towards him, and even when I was on the ground trying to assist him and see what was wrong I was still getting shot at!

I thought that "no duff" was a common-knowledge thing amongst airsofters. After more people were yelling ceasefire, everyone got the message. But my goodness it took way longer than it should have for people to stop firing, especially the players right beside this guy. On a side note, I didn't hear any actions on injured player during the briefing before the game. And I got a video of all this too on my GoPro.


TL;DR: a player was injured and I called no duff to assist him, wound up getting shot at for a long time before people realized what was going on.
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