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Originally Posted by blazzer73553 View Post
with lower profiles, have there ever been any problems with them falling off or having bb's sneak underneath during a "face shot" ? im stuck between a "google" or "glasses" style, i love goggles, but..i love low profile. and goggles dont seem like the compared to a "glasses"

but loud and clear, ill avoid the valkens
I'm sure it does happen. That's why the ESS Crossbow Suppressors that I'm getting also has a full-seal gasket kit available. Oakley M-Frames also have a full seal gasket available (they call it a Helo kit I think), but for the M-Frames, if you attach the gasket, you can't run a Rx insert because it uses the same mounting position.

Most players that switch over into glasses without the full seal kits tend to make sure that it fits on their face very well, which minimizes gaps for BB's to sneak through.
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