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Originally Posted by RainyEyes View Post
They're old man. I had my bad luck with 3 different px4's, all were tinted. Some were TM some were hk3p/we. All the front posts broke on the tinted versions and the same happens with glocks sometimes but that's tinted abs for you :/

They only sold the black plastic version for the pre~2008 versions, then sold only the tinted versions, and then there were a bunch of them black plastic again after 2014ish. Every store, mach1, TA, etc, had only tinted versions until I got one off ASC for a really old one.
weird once again only picked up non tinted ones, but I probably have a few more dealer friends then you might who get the legit stuff :P

were the px4's not a shitty design pistol anyways? I stick to the hicappa and P226 lines personally.
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