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Question TRAINING in BC, Ex-British Military Instructor


I'll intro myself quickly and then move on...

I served 10 odd years as a full-time soldier in the Queens Mil (British Army), and have six Operational tours in Iraq and Afghan as an Operator, TL, STL, and Small Arms Instructor.

I have been doing a bit of a recce to find out if people here in BC would be interested in receiving training in FIBUA (Fighting in Built Up Areas), house to house or CQB, CQC... Whatever the kids are calling it now...

I was looking at putting together a 2 day course which would cover everything from billy basics to breaching and dominating rooms/buildings. Maybe go into hostage rescue, searching enemy dead and eventually expanding to the outdoors, fieldcraft, and a bit of long range sniper craft.

This would be more to get you right into the thick of the fun shit without all the crap that comes with the real Mil...

Now, I wanted to know what kinda monetary levels people would be willing to pay for such a level of training? And how many would be interested before I started pricing up land plots in Chilliwack.

Cheers for the reply's and hopefully we can get this facility on the go for you lads...

Best regards,

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