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LRRP's in Vietnam

Heres a writeup I did for DonP's newest site, posting it here as well.

Vietnam Loadouts.
Long Range Recon Patrol (LRRP) in Vietnam
by: Sam "MrEvolution" Cino.

History (from
Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol, or LRRP (pronounced and sometimes spelled "LuRP"), were special small four to six-man teams utilized in the Vietnam War on highly dangerous special operations missions deep into enemy territory.

The tactical employment of LRRPs was later evaluated to be generally used far too dangerously by strategic commanders, who were pleased by the extraordinary kill ratios for LRRPs teams (sometimes reported as high as 400 enemy troops for every LRRP killed). Their use was reconsidered and restructured into modern day Long Range Surveillance (LRS) units.

One commentator writes: "During the course of the war LuRPs conducted around 23,000 long-range patrols, of this amount two-thirds resulted in enemy sightings. LuRPs also accounted for approximately 10,000 enemy KIA through ambushes, sniping, air strikes, and calling in artillery fire."

From: RECON TEAM RAMROD (Reenactors) Operator 1-1 M. James.


"Nakata Shoten" brand "John Wayne Dense" (JWD) Tiger-Stripe Uniform with Boonie Hat
Available from: (Asian site, best to have a translator and group order)
Other "Close enough" patterns available from Tiger-Stripe Products, eBay, and Local Surplus Stores.

PAVN shoes:
Available from: eBay (best bet)


OD Jungle Boots:
Available from:

World War 2 Leggings:
(Either worn outside[usually], or inside the pants)
Available from /

PAVN/Chicom AK47 chest rig:
(For AK-47 Magazines, but can also fit 20 Round and 30 Round M16 Style Magazines)
Available from: eBay / (One-Stop Nam Shop)

M56 pattern belt, M56 suspenders, and M56 canteen covers:.
Canteen Covers we're utilised more than the issued mag pouches, as they could hold more ammo and grenades. Some Operators could fit up to nine 20 round magazines, up from four that the actual mag pouch could hold. Up to 4-6 grenades (Pineapple, Lemon, Baseball types) could be contained, or up to 9 mini-grenades.
Available from: (The One-Stop Nam Shop) / eBay / Most Surplus Stores.

Substitutions: May substitute M56 belt for World War 2 Era BAR Belt. They hold many 20 Round magazines without needing
canteen covers.
Available from: /

KABAR Knife:
Available from: eBay, Surplus/Knife Stores, Ka-Bar and Ontario Knife Co suggested.

20 ft Rope with D-Ring/Snap Link:
Available from: Most Hardware Stores /

PRC Radio:
Available from: eBay / Surplus Stores. Getting Hard to find.

Black Leather gloves with fingertips removed:
Available from: Almost everywhere. / /

ARVN Rucksack:
Available from: eBay / Surplus Stores /

Suggested Weapons (Most Reliable/available listed):

Rifles: (Using 20 round or 30 round sized magazines [can hold from 20-100 6mm BB's])
  • Classic Army XM177-E2 (has "Grenade loop" on barrel to mount M203)
  • G&P XM177-E1 (No "grenade loop")
  • Classic Army M15-A1 Vietnam
  • Tokyo Marui M16 VN
  • Inokatsu M60-A1
  • Real Sword Type 56 (Chinese copy of the AK47, a 'captured weapon' from the Viet Cong)

  • Tokyo Marui M1911-A1
  • KJW M1911-A1
  • KJW Ruger MK1 (Issued to LRRP/Navy SEALs/Special Forces with a Silencer)

  • Craft Apple Works (CAW) M79 Launcher (aka "Thumper" or "Bloop Gun")
  • ASC7 Claymore Land Mine (Wired preferred) with Claymore Bag.

Further Reading and Information:

User "voodookid88" from, used with permission from RT-RAMROD.
filenames: lrrp1.jpeg / lrrp2.jpg
Winner - TAC11 Impression Contest - Best Historical Loadout - N. Co. Ranger LRRP Vietnam 1969.
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