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Originally Posted by jomor View Post
I'm resurrecting this thread. I want to build a C8 but so much time has passed is it still do-able? Any idea what base gun I should start with? That's the big question for me. The other things like the front rails and the Canadian but stock I'm sure I can source somewhere?
Any and all Help appreciated.
I've been more active on devtsix, IG and Facebook. It's been a while since I've been here so I'm sorry for this late reply haha.
So it depends on how far you want to go with the build...
If you want to get it engraved then I suggest the non-VR VFC M4 models because the trademarks on those are lasered on which can come off with high grit wet sand paper.
It also depends on what C8 you want done?
Grunt C8? Or a CANSOFCOM C8?
Grunt ones are fairly easy because the barrel extension is pretty cheap in comparison to a Vortex G6A2 replica with the collar (just about $120). Grunt ones you can buy all the furniture from Nordic Marksman so it makes it 10x easier. All C8 builds get expensive. Just saying that now.

Depending on how crazy you want to go, no matter what, all variants including C7s have an extra rail slot on the upper and towards the end by the charging handle, it's tapered off or known as "scalloped".
Then for lowers you'll probably be better off doing a FTHB build because it's non-ambi and is cheaper. But if you want do the A3, you'll need ambi mag release and fire selector, and the diamond shaped sling plate unless you do a CANSOF C8. Unfortunately those sling plates are not available for AEGs unless you get someone to CNC you one. There was a few people that make them, I believe LCS Engineering (the guy who makes the Vortex replica flash hiders) makes them.

But it's hard to give you advice if I don't know which one you want to do.
Grunt C8A3/C8FTHB
C8 recce (DMR)

I suggest posting in the facebook group:

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