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Some changes.

-Mayflower by Velocity Systems APC Base Armour Carrier
-Mayflower by Velocity Systems Triple M4 Kangaroo Insert
-Blue Force Gear Triple M4 Ten Speed Shingle
-Ferro Concepts Carry Elastic Cummerbund
-Ferro Concepts Shoulder Pads
-GMR Gear Mini Modular Assault Pack
-GMR Gear Double M4 Kangaroo Kydex Insert
-Condor Double M4/Radio Pouch
-Point Blank SAPI Training Plates (they fit even though they aren't ESAPI cut oddly enough)

I can still fit more inside the MiniMAP; a NOD wrapped in a shirt if I wanted to be "that guy", another bottle of water, more food, etc. Batteries aren't shown here, but I normally only carry one or two spares that take up next to no space in the MiniMAP. If I am going for a lighter day I usually take the side pouch off of the back.

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