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Originally Posted by josiahleong View Post
As far as I can see those 07 vest sold in ebay and taobao the quality is really bad. Most of them come from private factories instead of PLA factories. The textile of 07 vest is thin. The material of course is not able to adapt real battle ground. Very easily be broken and no short period of time fire resistant function. But it is good for wargame play. Light and cheap!!! For those military collectors just joking. But I don't like those Ebay, they still insist saying real stuff. They just cheat white guys without any PLA knowledge.
Sounds like the 91 pattern vest I have. It's inferior to the type 81 and type 56 chestrig. Sad to say it became standarized with the type 01 riflemens vest. My Type 56 magazines would get caught in the pouch material and get snagged. Maybe the vest are designed for the type 81 rifle magazines instead.

For wargaming purposes I do not think fire resistance is a major selling point, having a vest to match the 07 uniform is nice. Some of my team have the 06 molle vest and I am jelous they look really nice.
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