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Originally Posted by SHaKaL View Post
Planning on getting a WE M16A1 open bolt from Garrison airsoft and a full VN war ''grunt" era kit from Moore.

I know it's not Lrrp but... No traffic on other VN thread. But i might get a tigers tripe bdu to.

Will probably be the only player in Quebec province with one...
I might be ready to play with it next September.

I'm kinda tired of the modern look... One of my other kit is 101e para.
Hey Shakal,
I'm in if you want to do a Vietnam loadout. I like the early tiger stripe like this one (original lrrp photo form 67-68). It's the same typed used in Apocalypse now the movie, on the poster they have the John Wayne Dense version I have no idea what the pants are but a lot of that stuff was custom made in Vietnam in small shops.

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