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Tokyo Marui if it's left stock and you don't mind a lower fps but excellent airseal, excellent accuracy and a proven hop design that patiently and accurately sends BB's to their intended targets

Not as structurally resistant to enthusiastic gaming use or abuse ie: don't run into a tree with one or fall on it trying to dive for cover because it won't be a twig you hear snapping

Don't over tighten things, don't use loctite because if it contacts plastic it's no bueno

Real Sword with exceptional QC and proof of airseal reliability with Chrono record from factory, CHICOM spec. Robust and built to perfection you can drive a truck over
Special tool sometimes required to disassemble by cantilever wrench for sight spring depression

LCT, marked improvement over earlier designs with progressive improvements to machining tolerances and improved manufacturing facilities and quality control and an exceptional finish that accurately replicates the Russian Federations Black paint

E&L typically needs airsel work out of the box, robust and built like a tank, blued finish, Compatible with most after market magazines and can use either a long or short type AK nozzle depending on the model, you can drive a truck over this one too either to test it's strength or vent anger and frustration because you reassembled it and forgot to install the hop nub
Special wrench tool also sometimes required for sight spring removal

Cyma Early ABS, later pot metal, current stamped and CNC machining. Compatible with Tokyo Marui spec parts and upgrades if needed TM clone

Aftermath/Kraken budget minded, entry level TM clone great as a backup or friendly loaner, light weight but reliable
Thank you for the information. Keep spreading the knowledge .
I am looking forward to your other posts. I have one question related to this.
Should we consider a return policy
while buying the new car? How much important they are?
Thank you in advance.
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