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Down in windsor we will be having zombie fest as per usual

here is the scenario this year:

Location: Paintball Wilderness

Date & Time: Sunday October 29th, 6PM-Midnite

Kit Requirements:
- full paintball mask.
- personal flashlight.

We are celebrating Halloween with our annual Zombie Fest. Anyone is welcome to attend.

The impossible has happened. Hell is full, and the living dead now walk the earth. All modern nations were quickly overwhelmed by this epidemic and now there are only small pockets of resistance left. The undead hordes are hungry and need the flesh of the living to survive.
Essex County was hit particularly bad and there is very little living left. Out in the woods, one man stands alone, but has a chance to safe himself as he has discovered the location of an ancient antidote to the epidemic. It awaits him in an abandoned Amish village that borders a forest. The village was built above an Ojibwa burial ground, where 600 years ago an Indian Shaman discovered an herbal antidote for a very rare disease that took over fallen warriors - living-death. Time is running out for this survivor though, as the undead can sense his flesh, and are being drawn to his location. The night has crept in, and his only hope is to find the antidote and find a place to barracde himself in until morning arives . . .

Surivor Objective: 1 survivor with sidearm with 1 extra mag will start at fort cracker. Surivor must locate designated building in the village (marked with glowsticks) and find the antidote. Once antitdote is found then it must be brought to the chemical bunker for safety. Zombies will be stunned for 5 seconds when shot. Zombies cannot run. Survivor will be wearing red glow stick as the zombies can sense the living flesh.

Zombie Objective: The rest of the players will be zombies. They have no weapons. They cannot sprint. Their goal is to feast on the flesh of the living. If the survivor is touched by a zombie, the zombies have won. If shot, zombies will fall to the ground but can get back up in 5 seconds to resume their hunt for flesh.

Most of this game will take place in the village and we may have multiple rounds, each person taking a turn at being the survivor. we will bring a shoulder cam to catch the footage.

Costumes are encourage but not required.
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