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ptws have been obsolete since about 2012-2013 when techs started combining highly robust and programmable mosfets (extreme-fire/triggermaster, and the predecessor to btc that I've forgotten the name of) bevel shimming, rhops, sorbothane pads and RC-grade high discharge lipos.

rhops will edge out flat hops if done well, but that full 300ft+ shot requires a specific build package and a better-than-average install.

a complete build, at that time, priced out to the same or less than a stock USED ptw. not to mention it you wanted a rail system, needed your ptw motor rewound, or even better: two drops of glue in your hop unit (tackleberry mod).

the argument has gotten even worse over time with different quick-change spring options and empty mag detection. frequently, people have elected to even do two separate builds (indoor/outdoor) for the cost of one full ptw build. the real steel aspect is nice, but that can be done with regular aegs if desired, and not very many people in Canada have ARs to share parts to encheapen the endeavour. (also like my broke ass, most people can't afford real steel parts just to play dress up with 40 other fat guys on the weekend.)

I will concede ease of maintainance, but a fully built aeg shouldn't need to be serviced very frequently at all. the cylinder swapping is pretty slick, but I'm not a fan of it since I got shot with a 450+ spring that got mysteriously swapped into an indoor (350) cylinder, and if you're really familiar with a gearbox, a spring swap can be done in probably 20 minutes. packaging wise, that can be up to the builder. some of my builds have some heckin jank wiring (if it's just for my own use, I'm ok with it), but I've seen some incredibly tidy wiring as well.

really though, we've already argued it to death repeatedly over the past few years. at the end of the day, it's your money to waste as you see fit. *shrug*
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