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Shalwar Kameez/Perahan(Payraan) Tunbaan in Toronto?

For fun, I'd like to put together an insurgent impression for an event this Friday, the 21st. That cuts down on the time I have to order stuff online so I'd like to try to get something that I can order from inside Canada or go to a walk-in bricks and mortar store.

I'm trying to find something like this:

I have an AEG, vest and a shemagh that fit the bill, I just need this Payraan Tunbaan combination.

Anyone know of any Canadian sources or, better yet, a brick and mortar store in Toronto that would carry these styles of clothes? There has to be some - there are large pakistani and afghan communities in Toronto.

Just to demonstrate I've done the legwork - I've found a number of online retailers who are selling exactly what I'm looking for - my challenge is getting something in my hands before Friday.

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