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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
6" diameter plates are the size standard for most international airsoft competitive shooting organizations.
I would like to thank you with a video of the steel targets we finally made and assembled over the last days, theyre not even tuned in/tweaked yet.

My underground garage is only slightly less than 10m deep so I went with smaller steel plates.
Ended up doing them slightly less than 10cm in diameter, that would be exactly down to the fourth decimal 3,7" inches in diameter in english terms. (Not to great with the angle-grinder so actually everything is 9,4cm or 3,7000" inches in diameter) That goes for all round target plates and all pepper poppers (round tops of them that is)
Then some odd shaped plates, they go down to 3,8cm or 1,49" inches width again do to poor angle grinder handling.
The hanging plates are diamond shaped with 5,0cm/1,96"inch sides.
The row of space invaders are various sizes and also various thickness scrap steel. In fact all is made on the cheap from scrap metal and crap from the second hand stores. EVERYTHING is literally cut out with an angle-grinder, even the space invaders. The round rods/bars that hinges the targets are welded together from small pieces ranging from 40cm or less, thats a lot of welding, and then rounded off with the angle grinder with various successful outcome.
Additional alzheimers on those texas shooting stars I can't remember off hand, I beleive the plates was slightly less than 8cm/3"inch in diameter or something like that?

If you have any feedback or questions please feel free to ask and I will try to reply best as I know how to do. And if you think the range stinks please feel free to say that too, but if you do please say how you think it should be improved.

Thanks for your replies mates, it was a lot of inspiration and support to make this get made.

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