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Originally Posted by capca View Post
no one wants to be the "badie"
Yes. And this is something I'm having trouble understand. I always thought of airsoft as recreating battles and what not. That's why we have Milsim. I just thought there would be more willing to play as "bad guys". Especially as an insurgent since it costs next to nothing. I'm also thinking very stereo-typically. You know. the whole "gown and afghan cap" Or the "Addia's track jacket and shemagh"

The German stuff is a whole other story, since that can cost A LOT more than a more "basic" kit that's being done.

I really like the pictures that are taking during play. And they look even more better when there's an actual enemy.

Thanks for your guys input. I hope the bad guys catch on a little more and we can get to re-creating battles.
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