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Originally Posted by Enjoi View Post
Perhaps I`m missing something here or just un-educated...regarding pricing...I`m seeing Some Systema`s for $1500-$2080 BNIB. And these are MSRP less than $2000.... Why am I so confused here after reading some of the comments saying this would be a good idea "pricewise"?
Well if you get a stock systema around say $1800 you could never leave it stock so sent out the motor and Hop up + $100, rails +$200, aftermarket body +$200, upgrade stocks & mini ECU + $300 (conservative), other furniture and blings +$150 so in the end it's quite an amount still and you still have to waterproof the boards and no burst unless you buy it direct from Systema

So in the end its still economical to the general population to get the FCC. much like some players here who have owned multiple PTW I was one of teh doubters of this company I can't believe that a small company from HK can fix the issues that a large company like Systema have failed to acknowledge or fixed but the quality of some o ftheir parts and the result won me over to the point where I ditch almost all of my PTW for their custom build model, even the one Tony build with all the Prime body sexiness. Like Brad said in teh earlier post BNIB sometimes are not BNIB unless you know the owner personally.
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