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2010 CAG/Delta/1st SFOD-D "Inspired" Kit

Replicas are marked with a *
Kit List:

TMC Crye Airframe *
Crye Precision Airframe Cover Cutout
Crye Precision Airframe Rails
Ops-core H-Nape L/XL
Ops-core VAS Shroud
Skydex Pad Set
Peltor Comtac III's w/ Gel cups
Peltor Arc Adapters
Crye Precision Peltor Adapter set
ANVIS Ground Mount *
Manta Strobe *
Contour Roam 2
Ops Core Contour Adapter
Multicam IR Callsign Patch
Multicam Oakley MFrame 3.0

First Line:
LBT Riggers belt
Retention Lanyard
Dump pouch

Second Line:
Crye Precision CAGE Plate Carrier (CPC)
Crye Precision Pouch Zip-On Panel
Crye Precision 330d Wide GP Pouch
Crye Precision 330d M4 Magazine Pouch
Crye Precision Roll-up Dump Pouch
Canadian Multicam IR Flag
Tyr Tactical 5x5 GP Pouch
Tyr Tactical Small Cutaway IFAK
Crye Style Pistol Magazine Pouch x2 *
Toy Soldier PRC-148 *
Toy Soldier Whip Antenna *
MSA Nexus U94 PTT

Primary Weapon:
Fight Club Custom HK416 PTW
FCC Speed Gearbox
FCC M90/M115 Cylinder
Tackleberry 490a motor
Dytac "SMR" Rail *
Ferro Concepts LW-PAIOS Sling
Magpul RSA
AAC Flash Hider *
KAC Flip-up Sights *
EOTech 551 *
EOTech G23 FTS Magnifier

Crye Precision Multicam AC Combat pants
Crye Precision Multicam G3 Combat shirt
Salomon X Ultra GTX Hiking shoes
Mechanix Multicam Gloves
Casio Watch

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