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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
yeah! I agree .. no time for Racists.... fortunately my comments were not Racist... France is a Country.. not a species or a race.. now the Franks.. that was a race.. and those dudes were kick ass.. all over Europe for Hundreds of years... and lets not forget that France dominated Europe in the 1800s..

And yes yes.. the old saw about the French being a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys is old.. but kinda valid looking at the last great war..WW2.. but that was not really the Fault of the French in general.. more the fault of the French Military High Command which put their stock in static defense in the face of mechanized infantry..

so I apologize for my attack upon French military Prowess.. but someone was going to say it.. so I figured we may as well go there early, and get it out of the way
Actualy, "France" was involved in over 160 (168) major conflicts and won 109 of them. That's some good track record, pas pire pentoute :P
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I don't need an excuse, I like doing it. Why do you like sex? Because it gives you babies? Doubtful.
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