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Ok, sounds like you are really inexperienced. I was in this exact position with the same choices last year and I went with the Krytac because I was tired of upgrading a beginner gun. I have no regrets because the Krytac has performed perfectly for me and has not required anything....otoh, once I started to make small changes, I found it extremely hard to do because the Krytac resists all every fricken screw on that gun has loctite! If you want to change the flashhider...loctite! If you want to open it up and change the bucking...loctite on the screws that hold the pins in. It's a great gun but it's also frustrating as hell.

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Yeah bought a G and G combat raider starting playing airsoft a few months ago. I really like it but I am tired of being outranged on a number of one on one battles.
I narrowed it down to the Krytac Trident MK 2 or the VFC Avalon.
The Avalon I can upgrade, the Krytac not so easily, but will a slightly upgraded VFC be any better than a stock Krytac? The Krytac has more fps and the same if not better accuracy. But the stock may crack. The VFC has a one year warranty and will last longer. But replacing the Krytac stock is not too expensive.
Decisions, decisions?
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