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A Word for Airsoft Retailers

While we are all facing the terrible C21 bill and the pandemic, it is most disappointing to see the airsoft guns retail price continues to rise to a record high level. Such price level is already out of many people's range.

My fear is that it would do nothing good to our already very fragile hobby, but to accelerate the return of "Canadian Airsoft Dark Age" i.e. airsoft was a borderline underground hobby, with basically no retailers, very limited supply of only a few models through online forums, ridiculously high price level (average 2.5 times of what the Asian retailers offer),.....

Please save your argument that how much effort and cost it involved to get the items into Canada, we have all gone through this many years ago, and we know how it works. We appreciate it and please focus your effort on keeping our hobby alive and grow healthily.

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