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The guns seized in that raid is about 4,000 in total. From my source who happens to be one of those arrested at the warehouse and spent 2 days in jail. Charges are pending and it is not going to be easy for the family. So far out of the warehouse and store inventory. Seventy-two guns are certified to be shooting in the real firearms range which carries a charge. Seventy-two charges at 14 years per charge is nothing to laugh about. The problems it brings now is this. Hong Kong Customs is now involved.
They want to know why these items are being shipped out of Hong Kong. Since it is against the law to ship airsoft items and parts out of Hong Kong. They are seeing who is helping them inside Hong Kong Post and also UPS. Fedex it seems won't take guns, but will take small parts. There are criminal charges for importing these items out of Hong Kong, even though it seems it was never really enforced before.
The second issue is also why China made guns are getting into Hong Kong. Airsoft parts and guns are illegal in China. They carry even stiffer sentences than Hong Kong.
My friend says the KingArms warehouse and UNCompany warehouse has been completely decimated. Loosing four thosand guns is not a good thing.
Hong Kong Customs is also realising the huge problem now of how many copied/illegally cloned items there are in the UNCompany warehouse. They will most likely loose this to destruction. Seizure of illegally cloned items are a big bonus in this investigation.
Loosing at least $200,000 USD in inventory will shut any medium sized business down. Plus the realty of facing 72 charges of illegal firearms, with each charge carrying a 14 year sentence. Plus the seizure of items alreadsy in the shipping bay for overseas customers. My friend figures at least 100 orders that day has been lost to the police.
This shop and whoever bought from UNCompany is most likely finished. You most likely won't see your money ever again.
More raids are sure to come. Evidently they are "scouting" Mongkok gun area now and some other shops are very likely to face the same situation now.
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