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Arrow UN Company raided by Hong Kong Police

Hope nobody ordered from UNCompany recently. LOL!!!!!

With the campaign against modified high-powered airsoft guns and air guns used which were used to shoot unsuspecting people as we have written about before, Hong Kong police have raided airsoft shops and warehouses in Wan Chai and Chai Wan. UN Company was said to have been one of the shops raided as it is located in Wan Chai.

Some say that these shops and warehouses are selling airsoft guns that are over 2joules (over 465fps), which are will then be considered as firearms according to the law in Hong Kong.

We're not sure if UN Company is closed pending charges or is still doing business after the raid. We asked our friends from Public Enemy to get a word from them by calling them on the phone but no one was replying from their store. Airsoft forums have been discussing about the raid and there are some worried about their orders placed with the shop.

From the initial report of 40 airsoft guns seized, they say now that the updated total seized were 742 airsoft guns. As for the cimpany in Chai Wan that got raided, we're trying to contact the company that we know of which is located in the same street to confirm if they were raided to.
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