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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
@ iggyspiggy Yes id need a ptw to start with lol.
Thats why im wondering about the posibility of one of these full fcc built "tw's" commimg in a 416 type flavor to avoid having to buy a TW and a conversion or a pricey ptw4167 build (yes they are damn nice but if they can fully build their own brand of tw in the 2000 price range then they can likely do a 416 type in the same price range tho if noone asks we wont know or get them to consider it on a future release.
You could always just buy me one.... Jk, or am i....

@wildcard you say this is a ptw but its not a systema base correct? Its built fully from fcc parts is that right?
I judge from the price of their custom ptw to this new product that they are cutting out the middle man and just assembling their own quality parts to huild a ptw (and i mean why wouldnt they they build parts that systema owners buy to "upgrade" their guns anyhow it seems like the natural progression seeing as they make enough parts to build a full unit anyhow.
Ok first of all Tys is right, WRITE IN COHERENT SENTENCES!! Jk! FCC is a player based company, like myself they grew tired of getting crappy service and parts from Systema especially when you are paying in excess of $2K for a toy gun, so they start sourcing out parts and eventually making them themselves. It is a Systema based parts but enhanced such as Hop up, ECU, motors and eventually their metal bodies which are made from T6 CNC aluminum. ALL internal and external parts including their full build custom rifle are hand assembled and made in house, every part in the gun will go through their strict QC and QA tested before it even reach the market and I can attest personally about how good their after sales support, which by the way remain to be beaten by any airsoft manufacturer in terms of warranty and support by the CS.

You can't compared their CNC body and this new line it's like comparing Apples and Oranges, both are fruit but different, in this case this new line is made with cast bodies and gearbox compared to the more expensive line which consist of lots of CNC sexiness. this new line will give new TW user great value and performance without the heavier price tag of a custom CNC TW.
in any case if there were a comparison between AEG and cars, a Systema PTW will be a like a Porsche and the new FCC line will be like a Ferrari and their high end CNC line a Veyron. As far as their quality goes I have yet to break my FTW N4, XM177 and 416D and all of them have been shot in excess of over 10,000 rnds (the N4 and 416D are over 50,000rnds)

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