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If I could make a suggestion...

Maybe we could have a sticky on the front page that stands out for new forum visitors. It would be a lot more helpful than the ASC facebook post or the one about hotmail... that space is really underutilized I feel and for the past 1+ year that space has been used for the Rememberance day name change donation event that happened about 2 years ago.

I found a lot of the forums to be super user unfriendly. It's hard to find rules since it's stickied under "asc news and announcements" rather than the NEWB TANK which was my first instinct to browse when I first started. Why would someone new to the forums look into the news and announcements when they want to get basic information about how to use the site?

When I first joined I had to sift through 20+ pages before I had to learn about an actual AVer from word of mouth in-person. For people who know how to navigate the forums, this isn't a problem for people like you or me.

For people who are new to the forums, the forums should be able to detect when a new IP accesses the site and a pop-up should prompt to advise the user to read the rules and actually lead people where they want to go.

This thread in particular:

has a hyperlink to the following under "getting age verified"

It's dead.

No wonder newbies are having a hard time! Old threads need to be purged or cleaned up/updated. Volunteers need to be recruited.

The site is really old and needs a good update in general.
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