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Reminder Age Verifications are only Done IN PERSON!! Stop trying to bypass the system as it is the system that those here enforce and uphold.

Sending PM's like this:
Originally Posted by agent-smith
hey so i read through your post in regards to age verification and while it is a great system i feel like there should be an online way to verify age as well even if its for those people like me who clearly look way older then 18 . my problem being while i really enjoy air soft with friends and brothers due to some personal reasons im not a very social person with new people in a personal setting meaning i barely ever step foot in an air soft shop or range . but would still very much like to participate in these forums . im also in the middle of nowhere most days though i do travel to Toronto a few days a week . anyway if there is a way i could avoid going to a shop to be verified i would greatly appreciate it. thanks for your time have a great day
Will not help you out in anyway, shape or form!

Just because you look old enough means jack shit especially online, make up and shit can make anyone look older. Hell when I was 14 with zero help from prosthesis/make up and such, I was buying booze and smokes with ease because I looked old enough! In Person Only means In Person ONLY!
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.
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