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.::::WE M4 RS/Airsoft FINAL BUILD::::.

Here is my last and final WE M4 x RS built that I have been working on since September 2017 which is finally complete. Engravings on the receiver and on the bolt carrier. As you know, I have completed all the modifications myself including: airbrushing of receiver, custom weathering/painting, shortening and crowning/chamfering of the inner barrel, modifying all internal trigger components (RA-Tech) to fit and modifying the bolt carrier (RA-Tech) to cycle smoothly, maximizing the recoil and maximizing the gas efficiency. The gun is a solid one-piece blaster with NO barrel/rail wobble as I have torqued the barrel nut to spec according to recommended specifications. This will be my final/last build as part of my personal collection, as I will be continuing to transition towards gunteching instead. This GBBR was initially based on the WA/G&P WOC platform, and then was switched over to the WE based system due to its compatibility with RS parts and versatility. Whatever looks real is probably real, with the exception of some parts. Hope you enjoy the pictures below, feel free to enlarge them for a sharper image.

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