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Originally Posted by Mukaluk View Post

Flame or lecture if you must, sorry in advance if I've wronged any of the rules with this post - I'm new to the sport.
Nah we only do that to self-entitled noobs with only 2 kids and work only 59 hours a week jkjk

Ask the tech which part of the air seal they were checking.

There are typically 3 components:
piston to cylinder
cylinder to cylinder head
nozzle to cylinder head

And the less common is the hop-up to the nozzle.

Generally to upgrade your gun is relatively inexpensive. Parts range anywhere from 30-40 in total. That said, tech service + parts should not run you more than $80. If you paid more than this for such bad service I would ask them to redo the maintenance. A quick spring change should have only costed you $50 tops with spring and technician fees. You paid for more so you have a right to complain about their services.
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